Mole National Park Wildlife, Wildlife oh and some Wildlife

The African continent has always been the favourite destination for wildlife safari. Serengeti has been the pioneer to the concept of expedition inside protected national park, eventually Kenya’s Masai Mara and breath taking wildlife adventure at Tanzania has risen to prominence. Ghana steals the limelight currently owing to its super adrenaline-rush wildlife walk through the perilous trails at Mole national park. Few steps off the residential quarters; one can easily spot the different species of sprinting antelopes. As you pave you way into the wilderness of sparse forestland you are certain to see the massive elephants. However the most enthralling part is tracking a crocodile through the bush, the chief inhabitant of the locality besides elephants; especially if you’re lucky enough to catch the sight of its voracious hunt. A trip to Ghana is all you need to experience the life in the wild.